REI INDUSTRY gives added value to your end-of-life equipment

Stop throwing away! An equipment that you’re not currently using can be useful to someone else, therefore it is still valuable. REI INDUSTRY helps you adopt an ecological approach in a simple way based on the repurchase of your obsolete equipment. Everyone wins: you, by making a sale, the company which repurchases the equipment at the best price and finally the environment as your products lifetime is extended.

Equipment purchase : key steps

1You list and send the list of your equipment concerned specifying brand and quantities
2You receive a buyback proposal
3If you accept this proposal, we proceed to payment.
4We collect the equipment and bring them into our launch pad

Focus on… the equipment concerned

  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • Operator panel
  • Speed control - Driver
  • Motor
  • Electrical equipment 
  • Mechanics part 
  • Industrial robots 
  • Production line
  • Spare parts warehouse

The most famous brands concered

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