REI INDUSTRY provides a second life to your industrial equipment

Created in 2014, REI INDUSTRY is part of those new companies of the French industrial landscape involved in the sustainable development. Located in the Plaine de l’Ain, at about fifty kilometers from Lyon, the company provides a second life to products: buying the equipment from those who don’t need them anymore and selling them to those who still use them.

Two additional activities

You own obsolete machines and you don’t know how to handle it? On the contrary, you need a spare part in order to perpetuate your equipment or deal with a production shutdown? In all cases, we have the solution.
  • REI INDUSTRY repurchases and collects your end-of-life electrical, electronical and mechanical equipment.
  • REI INDUSTRY resells second-hand electronical and mechanical equipment.

Be confident with REI Industry

We have an appropriate storage with more than 1000 m² of exploitable surface. We guarantee an optimum traceability of the products upon their entry in storage until the delivery to the customer.

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